Wednesday, June 27, 2007

the ULTRA music F300 = be like BEYONCE =

for those who hv nothing 2do, do visit this website and just click on my image ~ l- iM dA mAn-l ~

vote for me man,altho i know i wont win that samsung handphone...cause :

1) im a MAN! can i look like a girl?..what more BEYONCE!!!
2) i hope yuin yin (sweet girl) will win it =] dun 4get 2 vote 4her also
3) other ppl already have 1000+ votes (cause they started early)
4) i prefer nokia phones..lolx...but i do like motorola,samsung and LG for their designs
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^-^ if u think u can, u can ^-^

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

no mood to blog these few days.....=[

im just waiting for my industrial training to end (this friday-29th june),not because it is boring or anything,but i do need some rest/break...this "holiday" had been a "tiring" one for me many cabaran hidup,sleep late - wake up super early *phew*...

^hope to meet up with janice(sorry mei)...kenneth(backside boy) and other frens=]^

Monday, June 18, 2007

Prostate Cancer

What Happens?

Almost all prostate cancers are discovered in their early stages, and the 5-year survival rate is almost 100%. 1 The 5-year survival rate is the percentage of people who are still alive 5 years after they have been diagnosed. It is just an average. Everyone's case is different, and this number does not show what will happen in your case.

Prostate cancer is so common that some experts believe that every man would get it if he lived long enough. Studies of autopsies show that most men older than 85 who die of other causes have tumors in their prostates. 3 It usually is a very slow-growing cancer that takes years to grow large enough to cause any problems. Sometimes, though, it grows quickly. Experts don't know how to tell the difference.
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When prostate cancer spreads, it goes first to surrounding tissues, then to lymph nodes in the pelvis, and then on to the bones, lungs, or other organs.

*y im writing this post?,i'll tell in the next post...very tired now =[ *

Thursday, June 14, 2007

sixth former's homecoming (christopher wong weng yoong's idea)


There will be a gathering coming SOON~!!!...those who miss SAN SAN and wana meet her, please do turn up. NO EXCUSE MAN~!!!....siapa lambat boleh dimaafkan, tetapi sesiapa yang FFK(fong fei kei) MESTI berjumpa dengan Mr. Mahendran di SMKSAS~!!!
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Orang yang boleh dimaafkan ialah : Brendon,Syn yin,Suen,Pearl,Kiran,Kamini (whoelse ar?)

Date : 23/6/07 (saturday)
Venue : Station 1, ss15
Time : 6.30 pm
Attire : birthday suit...lolz

P/S : bring along your gf(s),bf(s),NO gay friend(s or lesbian friend(s) and PETS are not allowed LAR!

*and bring come present for soh han loong k...lolxxx*


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Tuesday, June 12, 2007

tiring eyes.....

everyday i "only" sleep for about maybe 5 hours+....normally will go to bed abt 12am+...then zzz abt 1am+???...and wake up abt 7am+...EVERYDAY FROM MONDAY TIL SATURDAY!!!...thanks to my industrial training *lame* fr 830am-5pm...phew...and...NOT PAID~!!!...WHAT THE...GERALD!!!...=[...after balik fr work, bathe then read book (currently reading "13 secrets of power performance - roger dawson")...until 7pm then turun bawah take dinner=]...most of the time i will read till TER-sleep...lolz...after dinner...ONLINE...till 12+?...omg...*addicted* supposed 2be doing my lab report (hantar 1 week after industrial training which ends on 29th on june)...should be practicing chess...or read books...sigh...takde mood ler...*tired* eyes are always tired...panda eyes....i guess i should practice chess,read books and do lab report everynight...SAY NO TO ONLINE~!!!...coz i will TER-DOTA...seriously...chris,nelson & man...=P
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to be a great leader :

1) one must have self-discipline
2) one must be influential
3) one must have vision
4) one must understand the "law of legacy"
5) one must have positive thinking and be confident
6) one must give his best in everything he does

~naughty gerald soh han loong~

Sunday, June 03, 2007

Ruang Rindu - Letto

di daun yang iku mengalir lembut
terbawa sungai ke hujung mata
dan aku mulai takut terbawa cinta
menghirup rindu yang sesakkan dada
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jalanku hampa dan kusentuh dia
terasa hangat oh didalam hati
kupegang erat dan kuhalangi waktu
tak urung jua kulihatnya pergi

tak pnah kuragu dan slalu kuingat
kerlingan matamu dan sentuhan hangat
ku saat itu takut mencari makna
tumbuhkan rasa yg sesakkan dada

kau datang dan pergi oh begitu saja
smua kutrima apa adanya
mata terpejam dan hati menggumam
di ruang rindu kita bertemu

Marathon Chess in support of Cancer Awareness @ Relay for Life Kuala Lumpur


the National Cancer Society of Malaysia is dedicated to preventing cancer, saving lives from cancer and improving the quality of life of those living with cancer through patient care and education.
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there were so many games and activities there...survivor challenge, relay running, decorating tent contest,some beauty pageant contest?,costume contest and etc...i drag au yoong along with me to the marathon chess competition....haha...he wanted to c lenglui there only...and..well, ofcourse there are PLENTY of lengluiSSS there~!!!...

below are some pics :

i just love to join such a volunteer=]

hundreds of ppl doing aerobic exercise...about 10pm?..

gerald with few of thousands of "candles in paper bag" with meaningful messages..

charity medal that i won....=]

cute fishy and winnie the pooh paper bag...and many other meaningful messages for cancer survivors and their loved ones.

its my first time playing in a chess competition for a charity cause...i feel GREAT=]...but sad to say...out of thousands of chess players in malaysia...only 4 turn up?...WHAT THE....$%$@$#@$ yoong,abdullah,andrew ooi(from and me...sigh...publicity prob?...location prob?...or lack of awareness prob?...sigh...we(au yoong and i) were shocked to know that "only" 1 or 2 chess players turned up for this MEANINGFUL event...its not for the prize or anything...its to raise fund to help cancer create awareness abt cancer!!...well,chess always lose out to other games & activities(in terms of publicity)

congrats to national cancer society of malaysia for this great event...its just WOW~!

Saturday, June 02, 2007

david beckham........

i was speechless after watching this video....*respect* him =]
damn good at curling balls....WOOT