Sunday, August 10, 2008

convocation --<@ part 5

with family!!!

with "xiao gu"

with "ta gu"

with uncle tian

with aunty rosie, tryna and hanniel chanel handbags

and the biggest family....with 7th cc =]

convocation --<@ part 4 with leng cai(s)

from left: cai yin, chris, kenneth, adrian, nelson and gerald =]

from left: ah wong, jian hau, boon wei, gerald, ah siong and guo rong

from left: chan keat, ah guan and gerald =]

DATO' lim wei urn - first year roommate

johnson sau chee min - 2nd and 3rd yr roommate! chanel handbags

convocation --<@ part 3

with even more chicks!!!

ong poh suan - both my roommates "likes" her..haha...ops rahsia terbocor

sin kuan feei - johnson is a lucky man!!!

christina - guess what? she's 175cm tall....ambik kau!

my dearest mummy =]

and the chicks of all chicks....AMMA!!! - so cute! chanel handbags

convocation --<@ part 2

more chun chicks...

gan lei leng - omg...i cant believe i categorize her under "chun chicks"!!!

sharon lee kwai yan - titus is a lucky man LOL!

chen wee ling - coursemate

ching man - biohealth senior

adeline yao sun sun - mama barbie chanel handbags

convocation --<@ part 1

it was a WET and tiring convocation on 7th of aug 2008......of all rained like kambing and mangkuk on thurs!! unfair! all in was a memorable day....thanks to all my wonderful friends =]. thx for the mug.

i shall post some pics for u guys to see....bolat to blog day =[

with chun chicks...

danielle lim wee nee - noty xiao tao qi

samantha sze jun hui - johnson is a lucky man (ops!)

eliza soh - "soh" family always have lenglui and leng cai =]

junie ho - standard 1 classmate!!!

lim syn yin (right) and loh c pearl (left) - samad gang chanel handbags