Thursday, May 29, 2008

im back from sabah~!!!

just came back from sabah last nite....super tiring journey. 10 days at UMS...was...GREAT~!!! sad thing chun chicks, have to wake up at 6am everyday, stress play chess everyday, eat "same" food everyday (either that or carcinogenic food)...great thing was....i won GOLD for men's individual event, had dota and super mario training everyday coz i brought my laptop wei li and kenneth also addicted to dota d now...haha..wats the proof?..after playing double chess til about 230am...i went back to sleep coz i was too tired...and wei li dota til about 530am...and kenneth played super mario til that time also...that also wei li said he gota drag kenneth back to room...

nyway...shazwani won gold for um in the women's category...and loi won basically UM dominate chess =]...UM netball team won gold, basketball guys lost horribly in the finals to upm...pingpong and taekwondo also won a few golds i guess..i've always enjoyed representing UM to play in chess tournaments...get allowance,free shirts,tracksuits,jackets,cap etc...

btw, i will be starting work on monday, 2nd june!!! happy...i will be working as a credit analyst trainee at ss15 public bank near my hse =]...hope everything will be fine...have a look at some sabah pics =]

in air asia with wei li (on the way to sabah) - 1901 hotdog costs me rm7!!!

training at UMS (more like fooling around) - ROTFLOL

round 6, playing against chow mon ben from UKM (top seeded) - i won this game!

ULTRAMAN at pulau manukan!!! they call me ultraman coz last round from 99% lost game...i managed to get a draw and secure my gold medal =]
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um chess players (from left) loi, yuen, kenneth, wani, ayu, wei li and me =]

Monday, May 19, 2008


im now at LCCT =]...sitting beside wei li (thinking about wee ling) and ayu (chess grandmaster)..

flight to sabah is delayed coz of heavy rain...sad sad...huhu...super sleepy n tired and hungry now...i wan mcFLURRY oreo now!!!...will be at sabah til 28th may...wont be online or blogging til then...
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i will post more redang pics when i return!!...and UMS pics also.

p/s: chris - organize dota training at ftz on weekends
nelly - organize bh gathering every 2 month

good luck have fun!


Thursday, May 15, 2008


i just came back from redang was such a tiring journey...n i still have central training(at um) for my coming chess competition at ums,sabah....=[ i shall post a few pics here first....will blog99 when im free ltr...hehe

do take a DEEEEEEEEP breath before u look at these pics....they're...*speechless*

that middle finger must be lei leng's one....she loves to "finger nelson"

nelson also loves to "finger lei leng" with his middle finger

pornstar LIM BOON TIEN...caught red-handed by nelson while he was waiting for CHIAM ZI SHAN

boon tien and his favourite pose....middle finger again...ish...spoil my pics

u can c that nelson is "steam-ming"...he must be fantasizing..about what?...look at the next pic........

his dream came true...lei leng...blowing him!!!..

and ofcoz...the "dou san"...triple 7~!!!

i can officially say that LIM BOON TIEN is damn noob in playing blackjack and heartattack....if u wana win alot of with believe me?..ask nelson or hui hui....glhf
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-to be continued-