Saturday, August 18, 2007


it just hurts when you dont have fate to meet/talk with the person u wana meet most when you're down...=[

sometimes in life we just feel like giving up...

that is what im feeling right now...slept abt 2am+ (practice chess)...woke up abt 7am+...9am start chess comeptition...played 4 rounds today...only managed to get 1.5 points...OMG!!!...the 2 games that i was supposed to win...i ended up losing that game....sigh...having a BAD sorethroat now....which is gradually progressing into a FEVER!...please....i cant fall sick!!...i hv 2 weeks of chess tournaments 2go...3 test....thesis....HELP~!!!..i feel like cutting off my just hurt so much!!.$%$@$%R@$%R!#$ brain is like super TIRED!!...zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
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*gluck gerald soh han loong*

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Step by step - Ikeuchi Aya

When my existance seems to disappear,

I will look for the place where i can do the best i can.

From now on, i'll delibrate slowly,

I won't be impatient.

I won't be greedy.

I won't give up.
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because everyone takes things step by step.

The other side of suffering - Ikeuchi Aya

Everyone feels pain.

But surely, after suffering satisfaction will arrive.

Even with sports, studying or other ordeals.

With life, it's like that for everyone.

If we can beat the pain on the other side,

a rainbow of happiness awaits us.

That will definately become a treasure.
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Let's believe in that.

Sunday, August 12, 2007

Express your friendship

If you have friends, don't be afraid to express your friendship;
don't be afraid to tell them that you admire them or love them.

If you love anybody, why not say so?
If you enjoy anyone's company, why not say so?
It costs you nothing; it may mean everything to your friend and to your friendship.
Friendship is no one-sided affair, but an exchange of soul qualities.

There can be no friendship without reciprocity.
One cannot receive all and give nothing,
or give all and receive nothing,
and expect to experience the joy and fullness of true companionship.

i would like to dedicate this poem to my friends who had shown me the true meaning of friendship :

Good old friends
Jenz,chris,fang,nian,joachim,titus,jolyn,eeling,eliz,wendy,zhunyein,aaron,leelee,choylup,kenneth yee&khaw,shu-fong,jia-ni and many more!

Form 6 friends
Kitleong&yeeching,juny,synyin,suenchi,stacey,kiran,brendon,shan-na,saipoh,pohleen,suying,sansan,liying...well...whole of U6S4!!!...and many more!

Uni friends
ALL 7 kolej friends(esp 2 roommates-jaysen&johnson),my lab groupmates(syikin,muikoon,leileng,miza),nelson,sharon,well..practically all BH friends!! and UPM friends(juliana,jason,samling,xuili,nadia,ramlah,syima and many more!)
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Chess friends
UM chess team (AYYL,en.zamri,siew cheok,chuen keat,yeu jiunn,joon yi,wei li,carrine,zarifah,shazwani,loi,ayu and many more), nicholas&marcus chan,yeeweng,deon moh,aaron yee, wong zi jing&zi chuang,david lai,zach han,all my daerah petaling,negeri selangor and negara malaysia teammates=]

there's just too many for me to name...sorry if you name is not in the list!

Friday, August 10, 2007


mmm...ok its officially 11th of august now(past 12 d)...which means i have exactly 1 week to my MEGA-CRAZY-SIO-SIO-GILA-BARBIE-HARDCORE-CHESS-EXAM-WAR~!!! the HORRIBLE thing is that...both chess tourneys n my tests clash....sigh....*speechless*
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right my "to do" worklist....i have :

1) 4 lab reports => pass up on 16th aug

2) 3 mid sem tests => pharmacology-20th aug (duno postpone to which day YET), endocrinology-21st aug(postponed to 27th aug) and chronic diseases-23rd aug

3) practice chess => finish up FRENCH DEFENCE!!..haven't touch dutch and the rest..=[

4) thesis => preparing my crude extracts of red&green beans at the moment, gota start writing my materials&methods and literature review ASAP!!!

5) been travelling to anf fro from home and kolej EVERYDAY...due to some personal reasons. (i'm paying my #@#@$@# kolej FREE MONEY!!!) sux..everytime no water...wat the...........zZzZzZz

6) takde number 6 at the moment...phew=]

chess timetable for week after next :

18-19 aug = MERDEKA rapid chess tournament, cititel hotel (midV)
20-26 aug = AMBANK chess tournament, cititel hotel (midV)-23rd aug REST DAY
31 aug - 2 sept = MERDEKA standard chess tournament, wilayah complex(KL)

*seems like a stressful life to me...gerald, u can do it!!!!*

Wednesday, August 08, 2007


cutest "whatever" i've ever seen b4~!!!

Monday, August 06, 2007

how careless/forgetful/absent-minded can someone be?

im starting to think that i hv a VERY VERY VERY poor memory...lately...i seem to forget things easily....misplace things....macam symptom nyanyuk are some of my tragedies...=[

1) sometimes i cant even rmbr ppl's u tell me ur name....few minutes later....i will be like...errmm....what's ur name again?...darn brain cells!!..but i do rmbr ppl's faces easier =]

2) my friend ask me to pass some stuffs to another friend of his....just a bag containing camera box with charger etc...i hope takde camera inside!!!...and...on that day itself(wed), i wanted 2 pass to her...but she wasnt "postponed" to fri lor....but lately i was kinda busy travelling home and to kolej n far as im concern,i left her things at my kolej room....but...I CAN'T FIND IT!!!!!...its already 1 week+ later d...=[

*how unmindful i am.....sigh..disappointed with myself*...i just hope that i can replace her stuffs....its going 2cost me alot of $$$ man...=[ *
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3) ppl say chess players have good memory....i think im those 1% of chess players who have bad memory?...ofcourse there are some stuffs i can rmbr very well...but when it comes 2 studies...somehow i REALLY need to spend alot of time just to rmbr a short paragraph??...common man...=[

after watching "1 litre of tears"....i kinda like "feel" that i hv some weird memory loss disease..choi!!!...but at least now i realise that...i should be working towards achieving my dream...instead of wasting my time playing games,online for nothing?..etc....

and last but not least...SORRY ANG PEY PEY~!!!

Thursday, August 02, 2007

cont. of "weird" things about gerald soh han loong

4) i notice that everything i carry or hold...u use it with my right hand?..e.g i carry(sling) my bag on my right shoulder....hold my file with my right hand...and etc....and my left will be like...."hey,let me hold something!..let me,let me!..-__-ll

5) i prefer to drink water from a wattle bottle rather than from cups. maybe cause logically a bottle can store up to 1 litre of water and i dont need to keep refilling it that often compared to a cup...where everytime i wana drink,i gota take them...symptom of laziness!!! ==> maybe cause i always "bercamping" (study/practice chess etc) in my room upstairs so lazy 2 go downstairs n take water..lo
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6) i do love chill/cold drinks/ chilled rambutans,mango,watermelon,pineapple etc....or ice lemon tea,ice this and milk at night? im always coughing...yikes)

oh darn...the list is getting longer! getting "weird"...=P