Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Only Want To Love You...

I know things are different now
We're living separate lives,
Even though our lives have changed
I still think of you as mine.
For hearts that once stayed together
Will always stay together forever,
Intertwined as they became part of each other
As they'll remain 'til the end of time.
When you go, I'll know it will be okay for you and me.
For all the names given to all that changes
For all the ways we said good bye,
For all the mistakes we both made....

We were happy once
I remember those times...
How we smiled and laughed
How you held my heart in your hands.
I remember the fights and the tears...
When you threw my heart back at me it was bruised and wilted.
I know that some day I'll get used to the fact
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That we are not together any more,
And that we may never be... again.
Only time will tell but in the meantime
Though you may be far from my arms,
You will never be far from my heart.
I know that love will never leave
Since there are so many special moments and memories
To ever try to forget.

I will remember for the rest of my days...
How you helped me find happiness and some truths,
How you opened so many doors and taught me to love.
I'll never forget how good it felt
To share my life with yours.
Why did I put you through such misery
When i love you so much?
Why did I get so moody with you
When I love you so much?
I wondered how you could forgive me
But you always did,
I am so thankful that you realized my feelings
And gave me another chance.

I am so sorry for causing you confusion
And for getting you upset,
Thank you for trying to understand those moods
Making me feel really comfortable with you.
You are so important to me
I never meant to hurt you,
The only thing I wanted to do...
Was just to love you.
I wish that you could take me back
Because I love you and miss you so,
It's so hard to stay on track
As it hurts to much knowing I soon have to let you go.

Sunday, December 16, 2007



its finally over =]...after cracking my brains for 1 whole week playing chess...finally its over=] more chess for this year...=]...UM team A (my team) won best local team and i got 6th placing in the individual event...YES!!!...after 3 years....i finally get top 10!!!....haha...gerald soh han loong is back!...surprisingly...i didnt really prepare 99 for this tourney...but i defeated a FIDE MASTER from iran...and NEARLY defeat an INTERNATIONAL MASTER from iran close =[...unlucky i guess...hope that i will get a NICE FIDE RATING =] *pray hard*
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thanks to DLWN for supporting me =]....sharon and kity also came...but no fate le..=[ event...CHRISTMAS!!!...MOM'S BIRTHDAY!!!...NEW YEAR!!!

with philippines chicks!!..okay...only the girl in black&white dress is hot..lolx

with USM chess players...=]

Saturday, December 08, 2007


currently im pretty busy participating in a chess tourney...though this year abit sien cause powerhouse such as russia and china tak datang...but NUS and IRAN are pretty scary in they have good chess far out of 5 rounds...i won 4 and lost 1...not a bad performance 8 so target...get top 10!!! last year in uni...and last time playing in this competition...hope my dreams will come true..and hope i can get a goodie FIDE rating =]...there are 100+ players i getting top 10 is =]
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my backpacking trip to vietnam has been called off...sigh...bad final exam results...sad...moreover i think i should work and earn money first before i use sooooooooooooooooooooooooh much money...i've been spending money like water lately..omg...thanks ju...after what she told me,..i guess i should earn some money first...then only go lepak =P...instead my spending money blindly...sorry 2 hien,p and ngan coz i told them i will be going to vietnam to visit them...and last minute ffk =[

after this tourney..i guess its back to thesis...sigh..*frus*'s bday is coming!!...anybody have any idea what to buy for her?...HELP!!

Saturday, December 01, 2007


of all days...i got fever today...*sobs*

i hope i'm fit enough to help out tmr for WORLD AIDS DAY!!!!............woot

Percintaan Tan Hong Ming - iklan Petronas