Thursday, September 25, 2008

jason mraz - i'm yours

Well, you done done me and you bet I felt it
I tried to be chill but your so hot that I melted
I fell right through the cracks, now I'm tryin to get back
before the cool done run out I'll be givin it my best test
and nothin's gonna stop me but divine intervention
I reckon it's again my turn to win some or learn some

But I won't hesitate no more,
no more, it cannot wait
I'm yours

Well open up your mind and see like me
open up your plans and damn you're free
look into your heart and you'll find love love love love
listen to the music of the moment people dance and sing
We're just one big family
And it's our godforsaken right to be loved loved loved loved loved
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So, i won't hesitate no more,
no more, it cannot wait i'm sure
there's no need to complicate our time is short
this is our fate
I'm yours

Scooch on over closer, dear
And I will nibble your ear

I've been spendin' way too long checkin' my tongue in the mirror
and bendin' over backwards just to try to see it clearer
But my breath fogged up the glass
and so I drew a new face and I laughed
I guess what I'd be sayin' is there ain't no better reason
to rid yourself of vanities and just go with the seasons
it's what we aim to do
our name is our virtue

But I won't hesitate no more,
no more it cannot wait
I'm yours

Well open up your mind and see like me
open up your plans and damn you're free
look into your heart and you will find that the sky is yours

so please don't, please don't, please don't,
there's no need to complicate,
Cause our time is short
This, this, this is our fate,
I'm yours

Sunday, September 21, 2008

dream(S) it possible?

1. to be TOP 10 active chess player in malaysia by end of year 2009

2. to form GERALD SOH FOUNDATION - to help PLWHA, orphanage, poor kids, homeless ppl etc

3. to travel around the whole world - playing with all kinds of animals + helping ppl in whatever way that i can
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4. to love my partner unconditionally and live happily ever after!!!

random thoughts....back to studies...hehe ==> im serious tho

@@@@@@@@@@ serious anot? @@@@@@@@@@

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Public Bank training at bangi is great at need to work (but get paid) to learn new new friends..."fishing" everyday...not fishing for girls...but fishing during lectures...coz...its reli tiring waking up early in the morning...i feel weird y ALL of us feel tired....for the fact that...we only listen to lectures, do group discussions, joking and laughing like crazy ppl, play sports after class...and yamcha everynight? great life..haha

some pics to....brighten up your day?

LAI SI pretending to be hardworking..but actually he's dreaming abt mei

daniel pretending that he's reading notes....but...dreaming abt hui ling. lol

note no.4 "do not make any noise if we finish early?"...

gerald's it from baby it =]

then man from the future...i cant imagine myself wearing this blue-lighting sunglasses in the middle of bintang walk on merdeka eve night no chanel handbags

Tuesday, September 02, 2008


darn....this blog is so dead...=[...kinda no SEMANGAT to blog lately..hehe...being EMO!!! no idea since when i started to be so emo...sigh...sux man...cant bliv it...nyway....tmr, 3-10 sept i will be having public bank training (part 2) at bangi....will be staying there...hope everything will be fine has been....up n down...

i just wana be that cheerful, happy-go-lucky, siow siow gerald again! if only i can turn back time....reverse 2 years back....being having sleepless nights...for months already.....samtong...everyday? how i wish i could have done some things which i regreted not doing so....mmmmmmmmmmm....but well, its too apologize....its too lateeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

for my DEER-est friends who's free out there....give me a msg...lets yamcha..hehe
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lesson learnt : love the "right" person